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Roland’s Story

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While walking the streets of Barcelona on a trip to Spain in 2013, my right leg went numb. It was also quite painful. I had to quickly find a place to sit down, and could not walk comfortably again for many minutes. Pain and numbness returned after fewer than 50 more yards, and for the remainder of the trip I had to move in short intervals to minimize the pain.



I returned home and began to search for a lightweight travel aid that would allow me to sit when needed, and could be carried with ease. I found a promising option, took it on my next trip, but discovered many shortcomings. This chair is too much work, I thought. It should relieve my burden, not add to it. I began to build a wish list, and with the help of a wonderful team, Interlude was born.

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Now, our prototypes have traveled to over 10 countries and myriad museums, parks, airports, bus stations, hotels, conference halls, outdoor events, you-name-it.  We’ve had the opportunity to share the product with people of various ages and mobility needs, and have used this feedback to make decisions about size, portability, comfort, and features.


Making it Real

What has fueled me throughout is the enthusiasm of curious on-lookers inquiring about Interlude and taking a seat for the first time. People ask where I’ve taken the chair, and imagine out loud about their own adventures, or how the product could help a family member or friend. It’s exciting to see that spark, and to know the product addresses real needs (and not just my wish list).

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My ardent hope is that Interlude becomes a trusted companion in your travels near and far. That it supports your day’s adventures, gives rest when needed, and extends your time doing what you love.  

Thank you for your support, and happy trails!